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Greetings and welcome to The Rescue Mama!

Mgood covery name is Nancy; the blogging member of our family.  This website is devoted to the rescued pets who live in our home.  I am an artist and full-time “Rescue Mom” to a house-full of adorable rescued cats and dogs.  In addition to our own pets we often have foster dogs in our home.

may 2012 056


My husband believes that there isn’t an animal on the planet that I can’t fall in love with; he is probably right. I have a knack though for falling in love with the one’s who need a little extra patience and time.  Every pet that lives in our home is here because they were just a little harder to adopt out than your average pet; sometimes for health reasons but usually for behavior reasons.  I abhor the notion that pets coming from shelters are damaged goods…that they “must be at the shelter for a reason”.  The majority of animals in shelters make delightful additions to any family.  Some of them just need a little extra help…and that is where my husband and I fit in.  We live in a small town in Kentucky….in a creeking, drafty but delightful old home….we call it Misfit Manor and it is our little slice of heaven.   Our home is where a collection of slightly broken creatures (ourselves included) come together to become whole…some how together we can make sense of the world.   doggy kisses

I believe that each one of us is put here to walk a very unique path…it is the path that is meant to rub the rough edges off of us as we grow emotionally and spiritually.  For me…that path is pet rescue.  It has been my experience that in the relationships I have with these special animals I get rare glimpses into the mystery of grace…the best that I think I can expect to experience on this side of life.

20141225_140711I am blessed with an amazing husband who doesn’t just tolerate all the animals I bring home…he falls in love with them too.  He is not the kind of man who will buy me fancy jewels…rather, he is the kind of man who never balks at vet bills…who carries our sick or ageing pets when they struggle to walk and never says no to the woman who brings home “just one more animal”.

Kringles in the back gardens


I write blog updates here about once a week.  I write about all things pet; health, training and pet rescue issues.  I live in a state with the worst laws in the nation (seriously, dead last) for protecting animals from abuse.  I write a lot about the abuse I see and the things we can do to make it better.

I paint.  I paint animals…a form of art I call “Pawffiti…important messages from the pets we love.”  Because the pets in my home are my first priority my painting is a way I can be present at home for my own animals yet still do a little something more for the pets still looking for a forever home or suffering at the hands of abusers.  I sell my art at my ETSY shop which is how I support the animals who live in our home.

Xmas card 256


I am a certified professional dog trainer (ABCDT)  and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  I work primarily with rescue dogs who need a little help building their confidence and interacting politely in society.  This type of work is as good as it gets for someone who loves to work with rescues.  There really is nothing more lovely than watching a shy or reactive dog learn to live happily and calmly with humans and other dogs.  I will share my experiences and resources for training rescue dogs here.  I also share periodic product and book reviews on items related to pets and managing a multi-pet household.  I do not take compensation for reviews and I will only share our pack’s experiences with products that I have had years of experience with and have used with multiple dogs or cats.  I also share a lot of craft tutorials because I just love making things for pets and pet lovers.



I also don’t hide on this blog how passionate we are in regards to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets.  Both Bret and I have had dogs that we purchased as puppies as our first pets.  We loved the puppy experience and we understand why so many choose that route.   But our experiences with our rescues has been life changing for both of us.   The truth of the matter is simple…shelter pets are either adopted or killed.    There are so many wonderful cats and dogs waiting in shelters for a forever home that we can’t help but advocate for their cause any chance we get.

2011 miscellaneous (Kringles) 017

Lacey Mae with wild hair!


Jasmine – the teeny tiny member of our family!

I welcome anyone to comment and share on this blog but only ask that you keep all your comments in a spirit of kindness and generosity that a blog about rescued animals deserves.

If you find our site valuable please consider subscribing to my blog and/or following me on  Facebook or Pinterest and sharing my website with your other pet loving friends.

Blessings from our pack to yours,

Nancy H.,  The Rescue Mama


  1. You’re a true blessing to all these animals. I myself rescue dogs who have been abandoned and mistreated. I have helped many to find homes or have kept them myself. I wish I could do more and on a larger scale. Im so thankful there are people like you. God bless you always! Kim

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  2. Hello, I want to post saying How I love what u and your husband are doing. I think its wonderful to have people that cares for animals.. I love animals, I have a yorkie and she makes me so happy and she loves people to pay attendence to her.. I don’t know what I do with out her.. The lord is really blessing u all for this. Me and my mom went to georgetown to peddler mall and seen your booth and that how I found you.. I think u have a great booth.. Love it.. I will be praying for the animals to find good homes. Keep up the good work.. thanks again Amy

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  3. Hi Nancy
    I just would like to say I really admire what you two are doing.
    I live in Thailand and here it is an utter disgrace to see the way most animals are treated.
    I have not found a spayed dog or cat neither have I ever seen a Thai buy dog food
    The dogs all wander in the street and are called soi dogs( street dogs)
    They are not injected and according to the Thai Government 50% of the dogs and cats carry rabies
    Food is what they can find in the streets and rice ,fish heads,chicken bones etc
    Here is one animal shelter in Pattaya run by a British Expat lady at her own expense
    I have just adopted two cats and the people cannot understand why I want them spayed but I need to wait till the one has her babies weaned
    I found a vet with great luck and have had them injected and dewormed etc.
    If you accidently run over a dog in the street it is your fault
    It is not only the dogs and cats,fighting cocks are illegal here but every person in this village has them and Sundays are fighting days with bets on the poor chickens
    Good luck for the future

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  4. Hello my name is Brandi and i need help i have two male cats that i have to get rid of both of which i rescued. One of them i had to bottle feed and nurse him back to health. I don’t want to take them to the shelter nor do i want to put them outside can u please help me i want them to go to a good home but it seems nobody wants cats these days. Their names are Johnny and jimmy


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