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“The Rescuer”

“The Rescuer” wrote an article about my husband and me.  Its written by a rescue here in Central Kentucky called Paws 4 the Cause.  They are a humble group who […]

Crafts for Pet Lovers

Pet themed coasters…a quick and simple to make gift idea. My husband and I recently finished up decorating some new vacation rental properties…one of which is a pet friendly unit. […]

Confessions of an imperfect dog mom…

Living in the land of dichotomies…my weapons of war… I think I need to make an early new years resolution…to blog more regularly.  I blog for two reasons…I want to […]

Welcome to Misfit Manor!

We have officially named our home in Kentucky! Our home in Kentucky is the first home that Bret and I chose and purchased together.  It is the first place that […]

Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue…how the animals fare in our communities is one (of many) benchmarks by which we can judge the spiritual health of our communities.

How do you define RESCUE?

  Pet Rescue If I were allowed to add definitions to Webster’s Dictionary I would add this as a definition of the word “rescue”?  I like this so much I […]

cat adoption card, cat rescue card, new cat card

Handmade Cat Adoption Card

Celebrate a life saving event! I just finished this card and I am really excited about how it turned out.  Adopting a cat from a shelter is a life saving […]

Introducing Turnip Halverson!

Bret and I have never been so proud to fail at something! On January 3, 2015 Bret and I became official “foster failures”.  We are so proud to introduce Turnip […]