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What suprises you more?

What suprises you more? When someone does something kind or when someone does something rotten? For myself, I am honestly not sure which suprises me more. Or perhaps swap the word suprise for shock.

In a world full of terrible news…a never-ending saga of humans behaving badly…you would think that bad behavior would not shock me anymore. But it does. It shocks me to the core and it wears on my psyche, as I am sure it does for everyone these days. I am not sure what that means…does it mean that I harbor hope and that I know deep down the world doesn’t have to be the way it is? Or am I just really naive?

At the same time, I experience a similar shift in psyche when someone does something unexpectedly and extraordinarily kind. Why does kindness take me by surprise? My daily life is pretty insular. Most days, I don’t even leave the manor. The person I interact with the most is my husband, who is incredibly kind to me. When kindness comes from someone else, I am genuinely shocked.

One of the guests in my vacation rental left a very sweet note when she checked out, as well as $50 for the dogs. Most guests come and go from the vacation rental without a word being spoken between us… which is fine… I want my guests to feel they have privacy. Some guests are friendly and want to meet and chat. Some guests are just extraordinarily kind and make a gesture that goes way above and beyond. When I went out to the rental after this couple checked out, I was feeling very low… too much news, stress, chores, worry about Lacey… my guest’s note completely lifted my spirit and shifted my day. It wasn’t the money, though that was really sweet to leave the dogs some money, it was that someone took a few minutes to express some gratitude and kindness. It completely changed the tone of my day.

It reminded me of a principle I have printed on my wall in my studio… If you want to have a good day, do good things… So simple… But also so powerful. I have 100% control over how my day feels.

I don’t have control over anything outside of my own behavior…but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a rippling impact on the world…kindness truly is contagious…one small gesture can entirely change someone else’s day…do good things…spread as much joy as you can in this terribly broken world.

We have been having great weather in Kentucky lately… perfect for enjoying a lot of outside play with the Misfits. Halloween season is my favorite time of the year… the weather, the colors, scary movies… fall baking and canning. I hope you are enjoying the fall season as much as we are.

On the journey,

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1 thought on “What suprises you more?

  1. When someone sees the real me, not what they expected to see.

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