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What I love most about my husband on Valentines Day!

doo rags and leashes 035Happy Valentines Day!

I love a lot of things about my husband.  Hands down what I love about him the most is how much he loves our pets.  We have a house full of rescued pets and he loves and cares for them all.  Taking care of this many pets is truly a team effort and he makes every bit of it fun for all of us.

When I think of the moments in our life together when I have looked at my husband and had that heart melting feeling it would be times like this;  We had a Rottweiler named Hercules.  Hercules died from bone cancer.  Toward the end of his life Hercules started really struggling with getting around.  After my husband had walked our other dogs each day he would lift Hercules up and carry him to the car.  He took him to the park and carried Hercules to the grass; where they would roll around in the grass, wrestle and hang out like a couple of guys.  Then they would go to Dairy Queen and split a cheeseburger.  This went on for months before Hercules died, it was the highlight of Hercules’ day and my husband never missed a day with him.   Talk about a lucky dog …and a lucky woman to have a such an awesome husband!

Happy Valentines Day Bret – I love you!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Rescue On!

Hercules 2001-2008 Love is for always....
Love is for always….
Mom and dad, totally in love.
Mom and dad, totally in love.

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  1. Well this made me tear up! How incredibly sweet of your husband, and what a lucky boy Hercules was! I’m sorry for your loss but happy for you for having such an axing husband!

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