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The Misfit Manor Diary

bettyisamazin1I believe there are very few things in life that are certain…besides death  and change.  I am not one who fears death and the older get the easier it is for me to embrace change.   My own life has traveled so many different paths…professionally, spiritually, geographically…its been quite a ride   I also believe that one of the luxuries of getting older is that we can look back at all the vagaries of our lives and appreciate them and welcome new opportunities to evolve as a person.

I’ve also learned to listen much more closely to what my body and spirit are telling me… to tune out things like fear, expectations, social norms and the demands of people who really don’t have my best interest in mind.

The day Betty was sprung from the shelter.

I recently took on a new girl here at the manor; Betty.  This picture is the day she was pulled from the shelter by Paws4theCause.  She came here to the manor as a hospice case…and I use the word hospice loosely…she is doing quite well despite the fact she has some issues ambulating.  I expect Betty will be here for quite awhile.  The moment of Betty’s arrival was like a massive tail wind to my spirit.  She is joy…she brings 20170625_204746out the very best in me.  I love every minute of caring for this special girl.

20170625_205627My days with Betty have solidified what is next for me.   This month I am going to officially apply for my 5013c status and become a formal rescue focused solely on special needs dogs.   I will have the time and resources to focus on these dogs without distraction as a 5013c.  Much will stay the same here at the Manor…but some things will change.  I already have a good support system for my life with rescue dogs.  I run my online shops solely for their benefit (I will roll them in to the non-profit) and I am blessed by a lot of kind-hearted people who have supported my work with dogs in many ways (including financially).   Once I finish the process of getting my status I will be able to give tax deduction receipts to my supporters instead of just expressing my gratitude.  I will get some tax advantages that will help me allocate more resources to the dogs.  I will also be able to apply for grants for necessities like laser therapy machines and other (crazy expensive) physical therapy tools we could use here in the house as well building a special needs nursery for them in my home.

Betty’s first acupuncture treatment

I have zero aspirations to be a large rescue…I will continue to focus on a handful of cases at a time but they will all be special needs…and as we all know that gets really expensive.  For a long time I felt fear about taking on dogs that I knew were going to have big vet bills…but every single time it works out.  Every time there is a new bill…the money we need shows up…every. single. time.  I believe the universe has the backs of me and these very special dogs.

I will start changing how I communicate with people; less social media and more blogging and direct networking with donors and volunteers.  I don’t believe that general broadcasting of my work on social media is actually a benefit to the work I do but rather a significant distraction.

I have scattered pictures of Betty throughout this post.  She is lovely…she will be face of this major decision for me forever.  I have so much to do to make this change happen…but I am so excited I could burst!

I wish that everyone finds the time to discover the work that makes their soul sing…because when you do…nothing else matters.

Rescue On!




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