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The last thing we need is a young cat in the house…or do we?

If you follow me you know that a few months back my husband and I took in a cat that moved in to our back yard. We researched her origins and found out that her family lived right down the road and had moved away and left her behind. We took her in to home on the Winter Solstice and thus named her Solstice.

Bret and I have other cats in the house…Jasmine and Catzilla…they are seniors and really just about the easiest pets in the house right now. When we realized Solstice was homeless we both thought the same thing…been there…done that…the last thing we need is a young cat in the house. We have so much on our plates. But we did it anyway.

Well…Miss Solstice has been here for awhile now…let me tell you. She is exactly what we needed in this house. Yes…she is super rambunctious….she wrecks a lot of stuff frankly…working on my computer is infinitely more challenging because she absolutely has to be involved. She is a Pinterest fanatic! But she also is a complete joy.

Misfit Manor

Solstice is a ham. She is talkative…so happy to us all the time. Let me tell you something…my husband and I are both self employed…we are stressed as Fuck right now because of the global pandemic…but Miss Solstice has us laughing every day! She is like having a warm fuzzy on demand anytime we need it.

Solstice lives to taunt the dogs! Spring is not the greatest time for getting the dogs out for exercise…its wet and not super warm yet….the yard is a mud pie….the dogs are bored and looking to burn of energy! Solstice keeps them busy in the house…her favorite thing is making them think they might catch her. I’ll admit…the noise level is nutty sometimes but its fun…its a blessing to see them all running and playing and having fun…to them…it is life as usual…nothing is wrong in the world.

Believe me…Bret and I need her right now really bad. She is such an amazing little gift!

Before we realized the world is coming to halt for this virus…Bret and I were buying her new toys left and right…she is very active and likes a lot of stimulation. Check out my Facebook for a video of her with an electronic butterfly! For now…she is going to only get homemade toys…I don’t think she cares. But we never get bored of watching her play.

Solstice has been a major blessing to Rosie as well…Rosie is obssessed with her. Which is nice as Rosie has major separation anxiety from me…so Solstice can keep her busy long enough for me to get things done around the house.

I am one of those woowoo types that believes the universe will take care me. What we put out into the world comes back to us…I keep my head down and always try to do the next right thing. Lo and behold…the universe brought me Solstice…Honestly…I don’t know what we would do without her right now.

These are incredibly difficult times…but little blessings keep falling into our laps during this crisis and Miss Solstice is definitely one of them. This is such a strange and difficult time. Bret and I have to keep focused on the things that matter most no matter how stressed out we get. For us…the care of our Misfits is always top priority!

I hope you are managing through this difficult time well. I believe firmly this will pass…our communities will emerge stronger from this crisis. It is a good time to focus on things/people/creatures that matter to us most.

Take care and be safe!

Nancy & The Misfits

P.S. The first picure in this post is Miss Solstice’s first Pawffiti. It is for sale for $79.99 (free shipping). It is a 16×20 acrylic painting.

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