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Loving Trudy…

Trudy is our blind and deaf dachshund. Trudy was born blind and deaf and navigates the world around her just fine. In fact watching Trudy interact with the world feels magical…she is fearless…she has tremendous curiousity and shows so much trust. She really is an example of how to live fully.

Trudy doesn’t leave the manor very often…vet visits…occassional jeep rides…occassional trips to the park…generally she seems to prefer to be at home with her manor mates. But when I do take her out I am always amazed at how she responds…she is so curiours….she uses her sense of smell to make sense of things…I wish I knew what she was thinking…how she is processing what is going on around her.

She rode in the jeep a few weeks ago to get her annual check up…it was so cute…she had so much fun…she had her nose in the air and was talking her head off out the window…passersby got quite a show. I put a video of Trudy jeeping at the end of the post. There is really no such thing as too much Trudy!

Manor life is incredibly busy right now. Fall is a busy time here between work, the Misfits and getting the gardens ready for winter. We continue to expand our gardens and this summer we lived almost entirely off of what we grew. I also canned and froze enough vegetables and berries to make it through the winter.

My new studio is coming along…slowly…I spent the first part of the year just getting the space prepared and moving…while juggling production. The space is more than half done in terms of it being where I need it to be. I am hoping this winter I can finished off the last few rooms to get ready to increase my production significiantly. I’ll post some studio pics later.

I have added a lot of new items to the shop; espeically new sympathy cards. I won’t pretend that the economy feels like it is slowing dramatically and we are feeling it. Sympathy cards are definitely the items that are still moving well.

If you are looking for cards, scrapbook pages, pet party supplies or some gift ideas for dog and cat lovers do check out Our Shop! Our shop supports the Misfits veterinary bills.

We have several ways you can support the Misfits if you would like:

The Misfits have an Amazon Wish List

We have a Buy Me a Coffee Page where you can purchase the Misfits a dog treat.

And of course Our Shop!

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of fall…this season always such an important reminder that it is ok to shed things that are no longer serving us. I love the nesting feeling of fall…I love pretty leaves, hot cider, Halloween costumes on the Misfits…but I also like that I know the dark season is coming…I have come to love the short winters here in Kentucky because it is a few months of rest. I sleep so much more when the days are shorter and find I have far more time to art and other projects in the house. Take care and love your babies…every day matters.

On the journey,

Nancy & The Misfits