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DIY-beautiful pieces made with Cavallini pet papers

Mod Podge and Cavallini Paper

dec 3 2013 022cavellini paper 007cavellini paper 005I love Cavallini gift paper almost as much as I love Mod Podge!  I made this TV tray and two lamps from the pet themed Cavallini Papers (I usually order it from The Paper Company) – they run about $5.00/sheet. Here is the link to The Paper Source: I have also found the papers on Amazon.  Cavallini paper is quite thick so it takes a bit more time and patience to Mod Podge.  I use both the Mod Podge roller and wedge to keep the bubbles out and get a good stick.    I always work with Matte Mod Podge for household projects.  I cut the Cavallini paper up into its separate images (takes some time) and placed one small piece at a time on the lamp shade.  (I also mixed in some images from a few Golden Books as well).  I Mod Podged slowly in layers.  The first layer, when I attached the papers, was a mulit-sitting project.  Each of these projects had three layers of Mod Podge, with a day in between to dry.  When I do lamps with Mod Podge I paint the inside of the lampshade first with black craft paint.  I do not like to see the edges of the papers showing through when the lamp is on.  If you paint the inside you won’t see the edges.  For the lamps I put a final coat of Mod Podge sealer (a very light coat) to finish it off.  The edge of the lamp shades I spruced up with upholstery trim (I glued it on with Beacon’s 3 in 1).    The table I wanted to be water proof.  I have found the only way to really water proof a Mod Podge project (like a table or coasters) is boat sealer.  I get it at Ace Hardware and apply several very light coats – it is important to let each coat dry for a day or you end up with a tacky project.  The sealers should be sprayed outside.   I did all of these projects with items I had around the house already that needed a makeover, the paper and glue was the only expense.   Enjoy, I love these pieces in my house!