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Pet Crafts – Black Cat Halloween Vases

main picMason Jar Black Cat Halloween Jars…

I love fall and everything that comes with it…the pretty trees, Halloween candy, fall walks with the dogs and black cats!  I have been doing a ton of dog walking and enjoying the cooler weather, the changing trees and the calm before the holiday storm.   I made these fun jars to go on one of the seven fireplace mantles in our new home in Kentucky.  This was a quick and easy project that cost me less than $10 to finish (excluding the candy in the jars).

Here is my supply list:  Mason Jars, Black Cat Craft Paper (see pic and link), Mod Podge, black tissues paper, sponge brush, glitter, burlap ribbon, black tule

20140921_135303I found the black cat craft paper at Archivers (when it was still open). I just love these vintage looking cat pictures and the card stock is a weight that is perfect for craft projects.  Unfortunately this particular paper is no longer available. I did a quick search on ebay though and found a variety of black cat vintage card stock that would work just as well.


 The first step is to cut a piece of black tissue paper roughly the size of your jar.  It is easiest to set your jar on the paper and roll the paper around it.  It is ok for the paper you cut to be bigger than the jar but not smaller.

Using Mod Podge and your sponge brush completely cover your jar with Mod Podge.  Don’t over do it with the Mod Podge or your paper will tear.

20140920_171358 20140921_135807 20140920_171934Wrap your tissue paper around your jar.  Do this carefully so that your paper will not tear.  It is ok for your paper to look wrinkled but a tear will make for a poor finished look.  If you paper does tear try to position it back in place such that you can no longer see the tear.  Don’t try to patch a tear.  Let your jar dry (I would let it dry for a few hours).

20140921_132629 Add your vintage pictures by applying Mod Podge to the back of the picture and carefully smoothing it out.  The heavier card stock will take some effort to smooth out when applying it to a rounded jar.  I would go over the front of your picture (once its positioned and smoothed out) with a light layer of Mod Podge.  Let the project dry for at least a few hours.

Finally go over your jar (with the exception of the vintage picture with another layer of Mod Podge.  Hold your wet jar over a paper plate and sprinkle it with glitter.  Set upside down and let dry for several hours.

20140921_143422 When your glittered jar is dry you can either leave it very sparkly (but you will always have some glitter flaking off) or you can go back over it with another layer of Mod Podge to secure your glitter but it will not be as sparkly.  For this project, because it was going to remain in my home I left it sparkly.  If I were giving it as a gift I would have gone over the glitter with Mod Podge so I wasn’t giving a messy gift.  close up jars

I embellished the rims of my jars with some burlap ribbon and black tule that were in my scrap baskets but you could use any kind of ribbon you wanted.  I filled my jars with candy and some flowers I had in my supplies.  If you are looking for more Pet Crafts check out my Craft Page.

 Below is a picture of Turnip’s first bath.  Turnip is our foster dog who is as sweet as he is cute.  He is afraid of pretty much everything and this bath was not his idea of a good time but he was a trooper.  Turnip continues to adjust to life in a comfy home with a big family.  He has been working on his leash manners (he is doing great) and is growing more comfortable with us everyday.  He continues to get more rambunctious each day too which can only mean his Hyptoplasmosis is continuing to heal.  This week he has finally started to bark!   Turnip was rescued from his chain of horror in January…no one has heard him bark since he was rescued.  This week he barked and howled in the backyard a couple of times…we clapped and cheered for him.  There really isn’t anything more lovely than watching this dog heal socially and emotionally from the years of abuse and neglect.

IMG-20141007-00724 Taking care of our first foster has been a great experience.  He is reminding us how important the simple things in life are…like the taking the time to appreciate the loved one’s around us who make life so good.  For more about Turnip’s story read his first post.

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Rescue On!


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Rescue Hearts for the pet lover

Rescue Hearts for the dog and cat lover…vintage photos and rescue themed.

Front imprint close up catI found some simple paper mache’ hearts at a craft store…they were destined for a date with my craft table and some vintage pictures.  I had a blast making these heart ornaments…what do you think of them?

For a free tutorial on how I made these click here: Hearts Tutorial.  These finished hearts are going up on my ETSY shop.

Enjoy and Rescue On!



cat back close up

dog large imprint dog back imprint


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DIY coasters made with images from a Golden Book – super cute for the pet lover!

Coasters made with images from a Golden Book!

It’s snowing and lovely here in Minnesota so these snowy pictures from my favorite children’s book seemed like a great project idea.

Pokey Little Puppy coasters2 011 coasters2 012 coasters2 013 coasters2 014These are coasters I made with some images from my favorite Golden Book as a child; The Pokey Little Puppy.   I love the images in Golden Books (and many other old time children’s books) and have used them for Mod Podge projects on lamps, tables, handbags and more.

For this project I used slate coasters that I found on sale at Michaels.  You could just as easily use some matching tiles but these were inexpensive and very cute.  I ripped each image out of the book and stained the paper with Distress Ink to give it a bit of a light blue hue. I added the Distress Ink to tie the coloring of the four images together.  I Mod Podged the images on to the coasters. (Distress Ink reacts with water so it gave the whole coaster a slight blue hue when I Mod Podged the first layer).  When I make a coaster with Mod Podge I use several layers of Outdoor Mod Podge (very thin layers with a day to dry in between layers).  I finish it off with boat sealer, which I get at Ace Hardware.  This is the only product I have found (short of using epoxy) that will make a project reasonably waterproof.

These coasters came with some small tabs of felt on the underside. I ripped them off and covered the whole bottom side of the coasters with cork board.  I sure don’t want to give a gift that will scratch someone’s table.

Below is another set of coasters that I made exactly the same way. I used stamped images that I colored with pencils and gamsol.  I used Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to age the paper.

coasters2 001coasters2 009 coasters2 008 coasters2 007 coasters2 006

This was a quick but fun project that would make a great gift for a dog loving friend!  Enjoy!

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DIY-beautiful pieces made with Cavallini pet papers

Mod Podge and Cavallini Paper

dec 3 2013 022cavellini paper 007cavellini paper 005I love Cavallini gift paper almost as much as I love Mod Podge!  I made this TV tray and two lamps from the pet themed Cavallini Papers (I usually order it from The Paper Company) – they run about $5.00/sheet. Here is the link to The Paper Source: I have also found the papers on Amazon.  Cavallini paper is quite thick so it takes a bit more time and patience to Mod Podge.  I use both the Mod Podge roller and wedge to keep the bubbles out and get a good stick.    I always work with Matte Mod Podge for household projects.  I cut the Cavallini paper up into its separate images (takes some time) and placed one small piece at a time on the lamp shade.  (I also mixed in some images from a few Golden Books as well).  I Mod Podged slowly in layers.  The first layer, when I attached the papers, was a mulit-sitting project.  Each of these projects had three layers of Mod Podge, with a day in between to dry.  When I do lamps with Mod Podge I paint the inside of the lampshade first with black craft paint.  I do not like to see the edges of the papers showing through when the lamp is on.  If you paint the inside you won’t see the edges.  For the lamps I put a final coat of Mod Podge sealer (a very light coat) to finish it off.  The edge of the lamp shades I spruced up with upholstery trim (I glued it on with Beacon’s 3 in 1).    The table I wanted to be water proof.  I have found the only way to really water proof a Mod Podge project (like a table or coasters) is boat sealer.  I get it at Ace Hardware and apply several very light coats – it is important to let each coat dry for a day or you end up with a tacky project.  The sealers should be sprayed outside.   I did all of these projects with items I had around the house already that needed a makeover, the paper and glue was the only expense.   Enjoy, I love these pieces in my house!

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Quick Mod Podge craft – inexpensive and lovely.

Mod Podge and Candles

dec 3 2013 028april 2 2013 060craft tutorials March 2013 010I found this tissue paper that looks like old newsprint ads on the clearance rack at The Container Store – I knew immediately that it was destined for date with a jar of Mod Podge.  I cut the ads out in separate pieces to do these projects.  First I used a vase I had around the house and layered it with Mod Podge (Matte) and the papers.  I did a second coat of Mod Podge.  I let each coat dry for a day – I find the longer you let each coat dry the less chance of tackiness on your finished project .  I always stick to less is more when I work with Mod Podge as well, it is easier to add more if needed than to try to work out bubbles.  After the second coat dried I went over the whole piece with Distressed Ink (frayed burlap), let dry over night and then did a final coat of Mod Podge.  I filled the vase with greens and twinkle lights.

I repeated this process for all the small candle holders.  The first picture is an upcycled chandelier that hangs in my kitchen.  I covered each candle holder in the same manner as the vase – I lit them up with tea candles – this is a fabulous mood setting in my kitchen. The vase and small candles are on our fireplace mantle.