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DIY coasters made with images from a Golden Book – super cute for the pet lover!

Coasters made with images from a Golden Book!

It’s snowing and lovely here in Minnesota so these snowy pictures from my favorite children’s book seemed like a great project idea.

Pokey Little Puppy coasters2 011 coasters2 012 coasters2 013 coasters2 014These are coasters I made with some images from my favorite Golden Book as a child; The Pokey Little Puppy.   I love the images in Golden Books (and many other old time children’s books) and have used them for Mod Podge projects on lamps, tables, handbags and more.

For this project I used slate coasters that I found on sale at Michaels.  You could just as easily use some matching tiles but these were inexpensive and very cute.  I ripped each image out of the book and stained the paper with Distress Ink to give it a bit of a light blue hue. I added the Distress Ink to tie the coloring of the four images together.  I Mod Podged the images on to the coasters. (Distress Ink reacts with water so it gave the whole coaster a slight blue hue when I Mod Podged the first layer).  When I make a coaster with Mod Podge I use several layers of Outdoor Mod Podge (very thin layers with a day to dry in between layers).  I finish it off with boat sealer, which I get at Ace Hardware.  This is the only product I have found (short of using epoxy) that will make a project reasonably waterproof.

These coasters came with some small tabs of felt on the underside. I ripped them off and covered the whole bottom side of the coasters with cork board.  I sure don’t want to give a gift that will scratch someone’s table.

Below is another set of coasters that I made exactly the same way. I used stamped images that I colored with pencils and gamsol.  I used Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to age the paper.

coasters2 001coasters2 009 coasters2 008 coasters2 007 coasters2 006

This was a quick but fun project that would make a great gift for a dog loving friend!  Enjoy!

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Quick Mod Podge craft – inexpensive and lovely.

Mod Podge and Candles

dec 3 2013 028april 2 2013 060craft tutorials March 2013 010I found this tissue paper that looks like old newsprint ads on the clearance rack at The Container Store – I knew immediately that it was destined for date with a jar of Mod Podge.  I cut the ads out in separate pieces to do these projects.  First I used a vase I had around the house and layered it with Mod Podge (Matte) and the papers.  I did a second coat of Mod Podge.  I let each coat dry for a day – I find the longer you let each coat dry the less chance of tackiness on your finished project .  I always stick to less is more when I work with Mod Podge as well, it is easier to add more if needed than to try to work out bubbles.  After the second coat dried I went over the whole piece with Distressed Ink (frayed burlap), let dry over night and then did a final coat of Mod Podge.  I filled the vase with greens and twinkle lights.

I repeated this process for all the small candle holders.  The first picture is an upcycled chandelier that hangs in my kitchen.  I covered each candle holder in the same manner as the vase – I lit them up with tea candles – this is a fabulous mood setting in my kitchen. The vase and small candles are on our fireplace mantle.