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Handmade prayer candle for pet sympathy

feb 10 185

Prayer Candle

Pet Sympathy

One of the product lines that I design is called “Anima”.  “Anima” is the Latin word for soul; all of my products in this line are meant to bring comfort to those who are mourning the loss of a beloved pet and to celebrate the joy that our sweet pets have brought to our lives.

I recently finished this candle; it is the end result of about five designs landing in the garbage can in my studio.  I designed these to match my favorite sympathy cards.  These are really not too hard to make they just take some time as it is several layers of work that needs to completely dry in between applications.

I started with a basic prayer candle; you can find these in Catholic stores, Dollar stores, etc.  I used 8 inch pillar candles.  You could use any size candle or candle holder to make this project just remember to stick with tempered glass.

The first thing I did was print out the poem on white card stock with my laser printer.  When I print lettering from my laser printer that I want to use for crafts I spray the printed paper with Fixative so that it will not smudge.  You could use a multitude of things on the front of one of these candles; a photo or a card for example.  I loosely tore the edges of the poem, stained the paper with black Distressed Ink and sprayed it with Perfect Pearls.

feb 10 182I put a thin layer of mod podge on the candle and then rolled it over a pre-cut piece of tissue paper.  Here I used a tissue with paw prints on it but you could use any kind of tissue or even plain tissue that you stamp your own images on with Archival Ink.  I let this first layer dry overnight.  When I work with mod podge I use the general rule that less is more.  I always apply it fairly sparingly so I don’t tear the paper I am working with, cause bubbles or make a big ‘ol mess.  For the second application I put mod podge on the back of my poem and pressed the poem down on the candle – again I let it dry overnight.  The third layer; I put a layer of mod podge over the candle (not on the poem) and sprinkled glitter generously (I used a clear large flake glitter here).  Again, I let this dry overnight.  The final layer was a layer of mod podge over the glitter (applied with a paint sponge).

The reason for the last layer of mod podge was to avoid having a situation where the candle flaked glitter every time someone touched it.  When I was finished I did spray the candle with a glaze (if you do this step make sure you cover the inside of the candle as glazes are flammable so you don’t want any residue in the candle).

The reason I let my projects dry for at least 24 hours between steps is to avoid having a finished project that feels tacky.  If you have ever done a mod podge project that felt tacky when you were done (which really makes it useless) it is either because of the humidity where you are working or the project didn’t dry long enough between coats.

feb 10 107To finish this project off I attached a small black ribbon at the top of the candle.  I am fairly happy with how these candles turned out and the project has inspired several other ideas for me.

How do you like these candles?

I hope this was a helpful tutorial on how I made these.  If you are not a crafty person I do have several of these for sale at my ETSY store (use coupon code “NEWCUSTOMER” for 10% off).

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