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Sparky says…my foot is in my mouth!

Foot in mouth card…

Here is another card from my Sparky says line…

We all have moments where something has slipped out of our mouths that we wished we would not have said.  This is a card for just those moments.

The inside of the card reads; “I can’t believe I said that..I am so sorry”

What do you think?

Foot in mouth apology card
Foot in mouth apology card
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Sparky says…a new line of cards

Snarky Cards

black bike imprintThis month I am launching a new line of cards.   I am really excited about these because the sketches for them have been in the works for a long time.  The line is called “Sparky says…”  Sparky is my 16 year old lab, he is a very expressive and terribly funny dog.  I have wanted to capture some of his personality in a creative way for awhile…these designs came about over time.  All of the cards are my own pencil drawings of Sparky’s expressiveness.  The line is going to be snarky…cards meant to make people laugh because Sparky has been making us laugh and smile for years.  I will be posting new designs all month…I would love feedback (even if you think some of them are a bit too snarky). The first two cards are below.

Rescue on!


black bike imprint

The inside of this card reads; “The question is not whether or not our ideas are crazy…but are they crazy enough.”

The inside of this card reads:  “Life is too short to act normal”

orange bike imprint