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Pet Crafts: Pet Yard Safety Sign

Keeping Pets Safe Behind Your Fence

20141103_160108Having trouble getting people to keep your gates closed in your yard?  Our property at our new home in Kentucky is not a typical set up.  When visitors, deliveries or service people come to our house they arrive at our back yard gate (our driveway winds to the back of our house).  Our backyard is where are dogs go out to play so it is really important that our gates remain securely closed at all times.  We have foster dogs at the house who don’t yet have a sense of where they are and two of our own dogs are deaf.  If any of them were ever to wander from the yard it would be …well I don’t even want to think of what could happen.  I decided I needed to make it as obvious as possible to visitors that it is important to always shut the gates to our yard.  This sign is what I came up with… it is big enough and bright enough that I think it should do the trick and keep the dogs safe.

It was super easy to make.  I actually purchased the frame with a chalkboard base already in it at a flea market.  It would be easy enough to do this on your own with wood and chalkboard paint. I repainted the frame with Valspar Latex paint.  I printed the lettering out on my computer, cut it up and traced (with carbon paper) the letters on to the board.  I painted the lettering white.  I put several coats of polyurethane on the finished project.

20141026_15302520141026_15421020141026_16455220141103_160057Below are pictures of my two dogs that are deaf…Sparky and Kringles…they are both 16 years old!

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3 thoughts on “Pet Crafts: Pet Yard Safety Sign

  1. We have a sign on our living room door saying please keep door closed, guinea pigs inside. This is because they can let themselves out of their cages sometimes and we would have a nightmare searching the whole house for them. At least if they get out and the door is closed we can find them quickly in one room!


    1. Good idea!!!

  2. What a great idea I ‘ve seen them for children but never for pets

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