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dealing dogs  The ugly reality of Pet Theft and what we can do about it…

Pet theft is real.  It is estimated that over 2 millions pets are stolen each year and of those stolen only 10% are ever found.  As pet parents there is a lot we can do to be aware, prevent and quickly react if we become the victim of pet theft.  My resource guide has tips and links to keep our pets safe; Pet Theft Resource Guide



Pewagon outside 2t Gear Stroller Product Review

We purchased a pet gear stroller for Kringles when he was diagnosed with heart disease.  This is defintely the Cadillac of dog strollers…Click here for the full product review...




GPS Tracking for your pet…practical parenting or helicopter mom?

I recently purchased a GPS tracking system for our newest adoptee, Turnip.  Read my review of the product here…GPS for your pet


sam upStem Cell Procedures for dogs with arthritis.

Our chocolate lab Sam has horrible arthritis.  It afflicted him at a very young age and during the summer of 2014 it was so bad he could only walk 5-10 feet at time before he had to lay down and rest.  Our vet recommended stem cell injections in his joints and we went ahead with it…it was a huge success and Sam’s mobility returned beautifully.  Click here to read about our experience with Stem Cell Injections.


yard shot

Fleas:  How we got rid of those nasty little suckers!

In all the years I have had dogs it was not until this year that we had our first encounter with fleas.  Fleas are such nasty little suckers that cause so much discomfort and carry disease.   I was horrified when I found them on our Pom but I did learn a lot of new things about how to get rid of them and how to better protect my pets in the future.  I wrote about how we handled getting fleas off our pets and out of our house in my “Confessions of an imperfect dog mom” series.  Click here for my post on FLEAS.


pPETNA-5209436_main_t300x300Do slow feeder bowls really work?

Do you have a dog who eats WAY TO FAST?  Click here for a review I did on a few slow feeder bowls….some of these actually do work!



mr yukc

Prevent Pet Poisoning

Pet poisoning is an all too common occurrence and one that we experienced many years ago with our Rottie.   We have posted a pdf file of a blog post I did several months ago with lessons learned, prevention steps taken and pointers to all the resources available to us as pet parents to prevent a pet poisoning in your home.  Prevent Pet Poisoning  In addition to poison proofing our home, yard and garage we stay informed with the latest news on poison risks and pet food recalls via the Facebook page for the Pet Poison Hotline.


tips for bad weatherCold weather play

Keeping dogs busy when the weather doesn’t permit outside activities can be a real challenge!  I is an article I posted with some fun ideas for keeping dogs busy and stimulated inside…Keeping dogs busy in cold weather


cet chewsCET Dog Chew Review

I am not a huge fan of giving my dogs anything to chew on.  But years ago I was encountered with needing a chewing solution for my Rottweiler.  The vet recommend CET’s and now I use them with all my dogs (in various sizes of course).  CET Dog Chew Product Review.


clips feb 001Best Deal on Dog Toothpaste

I have been using Virbac toothpaste with success since 2003.  It is really pricey if you buy it retail.  I put a link below to the website for American Diabetes Wholesale, this is the best price I have found for high quality toothpaste.

Best Deal I have found on Dog Toothpaste!!!

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