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Our Taco was in the wall!

Cat trapped in wall!!!! Lhasa Apso saves the day!

Taco’s escape hatch!

Our new home is bringing all sorts of new experiences for our family…this one ended well but had us in a panic for a few minutes. The first night we slept in our new home with our pets we woke up to faint but constant meows. We knew it was our Taco but we couldn’t find her…we must have searched for an hour.  Our Lhasa, Lacey Mae, started barking and growling at the kitchen wall…lo and behold…our Taco was in the wall!   Apparently she climbed in a hole in a built in set of cabinets, fell down a gap between the studs and was trapped.   I of course freaked out and was ready to run for a sledge hammer to take down the whole wall to get her out.  My husband’s cooler head prevailed and he figured out exactly where she was and made a small hole to get her out.  She was shook up but otherwise fine!  Lacey Mae, who normally spends her day tormenting our cats, saved the day!

A little kitty basket!
Our sweet Taco!


Hair bows for dogs!
Lacey Mae saved the day!

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  1. This is the best of the best! Love the stories, precious pics & the spilling over love for the furbies! This blog is our sunshine in the day!

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