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One of the only things I know for certain…

Some days are just difficult. Yesterday was one of those days when what was going on around me made me feeldrained…bordering on physically ill.

Our Sweet Lacey Mae is barely eating. She is at least 17 years old. The last full meal she at was Friday morning (its now Monday). We have only been able to get her to eat small nibbles all weekend. We will take her up to the vet this morning but we both know the end is getting near for her, probably much nearer.

Going through this end of life phase with my Misfits never gets easier. Making the difficult decisions, deciding when is the right time…I wish I could say I get better at this…but I don’t. It is gut wrenching every single time. And every time I find myself grasping for every last moment I have them.

Yesterday afternoon I was pulling out of my driveway to take some of the Misfits to the park. There was a possum, clearly injured, standing in the middle of the road. I live on a busy street. Before I could get out of my car two cars drove over him…not hitting him with the tires but over him…he still stood there. I stopped traffic and tried to encourage him to walk towards my driveway but he wouldn’t move. I grabbed a blanket out of my car and picked him up out of the road. He was badly injured and clearly suffering. I took my dogs back in to the house, put the possum in the car and drove him to my vet to be humanely euthanized.

While I was glad I could do at least something to ease the possum’s suffering, witnessing him being run over just sucked the energy out of me.

When I feel down about everything going on around me I have to anchor myself in the few things I know for certain. The most important being that I can only control how I respond to the events that happen around me. Responding with kindness is really the only balm to life’s harshness…at least for me is.

If you can only be one thing today…be kind.

I have been busy in the studio these days…my happy place…writing and designing new cards. Don’t forget to check out our Etsy Shop if you need pet sympathy cards, a dog lover gift or party supplies for dog’s birthday.

On the Journey,

Nancy & The Misfits

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