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Misfit Manor Diary….welcome Madison!

Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson

Say hello to our newest Misfit…Madison! Madison arrived about a week ago. I know nothing about her past. What I do know is that she is very old, completely deaf, does not see well and definitely has some arthritis issues. She is gentle and sweet and very, very quiet.

Madison seems to be what I would call “a-social”. She is not anti-social per se, nor is she aggressive in anyway. She has not however been socialized to people or other animals. She just doesn’t know what to do with any of us. She does not want to be touched by any of us and while she wants to be in the general vicinity of the rest of us….not too close. She definitely has found a use for me…back scratches….she loves back scratches…other than that though…no touching.

Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson

Madison loves to be outside and I have been taking her to the park with Foxy and Spike every morning. She is a really slow walker so she mostly rides in the stroller.

The only time her tail seems to wag is when she is outside. Madison also does not make any noise…not a peep. She has not barked once since arriving.

If I had to take a guess at what her life was before coming here I would guess that she was solely a breeder and most likely lived her life in a cage/crate with little interaction with any humans or animals.

Despite the fact that she is old I am holding out hope that she will eventually come to appreciate human touch and take advantage of the all of the perks of living here. If not, that is ok. We love her just as she is. I am so glad she landed here for whatever time she has left. Every one of these dogs that lands here is a blessing to my life and I cherish every day I get to take care of them.

Peace, love and rescue,

Nancy & The Misfits

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