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Misfit Manor Diary – Surviving the coronapocalypse

So the coronapocalypse has effected us as much as anyone…both my husband and I are essentially unemployed. But at the same time it has hardly effected us at all. Because our lives are centered around the Misfits and their needs…in most ways very little has changed.

We are trying really hard to put the things that worry us in the back of our minds…because we cannot control them anyway. Instead we are focusing solely on the sweet little creatures around us who have no idea that the world is on fire around them.

The only things the Misfits have noticed…daddy is home more…they are getting more and longer walks…because we have no guests on the property they can hang in the yard and bark their heads off as much as they want. For them…its all good right now. I wish I could be so relaxed all the time….I’m quite jealous actually.

Lacey is sleeping through the apocalypse…nothing is phasing her at all. Buster is playing ball through the apocalypse…and Snoopy is raising hell like always!

Bret and I are finding time to do things we never do….like sleep in past 6 a.m. It took a few weeks for the panic of watching our businesses disintegrate to come to the realization that we are about to get a very long staycation. Bret and I have not taken a vacation since we moved here almost 6 years ago…we have barely taken a day off. Now the craziness in the world is forcing us to and we are trying to make the very best of it.

We are getting projects done at home…and around the vacation rentals. We are getting caught up on years of missed sleep. We are playing more than we ever have before. We dug out our tennis rackets to play tennis at the top of our driveway…no net of course but I rarely can get a ball over the net anyway.

We had a bonfire a few nights ago. We were trying to do something that would help us symbolically and physically let our fears go. We tossed them in fire and said goodbye to them.

Honestly…we have no idea what will happen with either of our businesses when this is over…we assume the road back will be slow and gradual and we are going to have to do some serious economizing…but that is ok. We are not fancy people and as long as we have our Misfits….we have enough.

Rosie and Solstice keep each other busy….Solstice is slightly crazy and Rosie is completely entertained by silently watching her crazy behavior. Simple friends.

We are grateful we are healthy. We both suspect we had this virus earlier this winter and just had no idea what the corona virus was at the time. We are saddened by so much loss of life and also the hardship this shut down is causing so many families. The largest employer in our town has already started permanent lay offs…20% of the 10K employees at the largest plant have been let go….and that is just the beginning. It is going to be a long and challenging road back. We are old enough that unfortunately we have lived through several previous crisis…we know we will come out ok on the other side…things may be different…but they will be ok.

I hope that everyone reading this is healthy at home and finding ways to make the best of a very difficult situation.

Hug your fur babies…they feel all of our stress…they heal our stress and they bring so much joy!

Nancy & The Misfits

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