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Misfit Manor Diary…Sophia’s big adventure

Misfit Manor, Sophia Rose, Nancy Halverson
ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week we had to take Sophia Rose to see a surgeon in Louisville (about an hour from the Manor). It was supposed to rain so Bret decided he wanted to drive us there….and thank goodness he did. About half way there an alert went off in the car and the tire gauge on the dash showed we were losing pressure in one of our tires rapidly…on the freeway.

My husband is not a “panicker”…unlike me…he safely got us off the highway and to a gas station air pump before the tire was a total loss…re-inflated it and got us safely to a tire center. We were however now going to be hours late for our appointment with Sophia’s surgeon.

Misfit Manor, Sophia Rose, Nancy Halverson
Sophia and I sitting in the Tire Center…she flirted with everyone

Bret was focused the whole time on getting the car fixed…I was completely annoyed and frustrated that we were going to miss her appointment…and Miss Sophia…well she had a blast all day. She flirted with the men in the tire station…she got to play outside…she looked spectacular in her pink fluffy coat and pearls…Bret took for a pupperccino…the entire day was nothing but an adventure to her. I guess deciding what kind of day it was going to be is all a manner of perspective…

Misfit Manor, Sophia Rose, PUpperccino, Nancy Halverson
Bret took Sophia for a pupperccino

We ended up making it the surgeon’s office…they squeezed us in even though we were 3 hours late. And even though the day seemed frustrating as it unfolded this is the truth of how the day turned out:

  • Sophia’s surgeon was so pleased with how her personal department has developed and our ability to keep her free of infection that we are postponing her surgery another 3 months!
  • We made it there and back safely!
  • This first tire center we drove to didn’t have a tire for us…but they quickly put our spare on for us…for free!
  • The second tire center had a tire for us and had room in their schedule to work on it right away…I’m guessing Sophia’s cuteness had something to do with that!
  • Sophia had a blast and we enjoyed having a day alone with her!
  • Sophia is healthy enough to eat a pupperccino…just a few months ago we would never have considered letting her have one!

Perspective is everything…what started out feeling like a “sh*t show” really was a great day and everyone we encountered all day was helpful. Best of all Sophia continues to grow and get healthier each day!

The surgeon gave us an estimate of $3500.00 for Sophia’s surgery. We have already raised $1200 for it. Sophia has a GoFundMe to try to raise more. The goal of Sophia’s surgery will be to create separation between her vagina and her anus…she currently does not have the back side of the vulva and no where near enough separation. As you can imagine this makes her vulnerable to infection. The surgeon is confident he can improve this situation quite a bit for her. Other than this specific situation (and not having a tail) Sophia is a completely healthy little girl.

As soon as we returned home from the day’s adventure Miss Sophia went right back to playing with Buster…I think he missed her! We are so grateful that Buster is so good with all the littles here.

Buster loves his little Sophia!

We are getting ready for Winter Solstice and Christmas at the Manor. It is definitely one of the best times of the year!

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Signing off with a grateful heart!

Nancy & The Misfits

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