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Misfit Manor Diary….Merry Christmas

Misfit Manor
Misfit Manor
Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson
Miss Sophia Rose

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s Christmas time and another year is almost done. Bret and I had the nicest holiday season…it has been very festive but also peaceful. We hired professionals to decorate the outside of the Manor this year…this was a treat and something I have always wanted to do. The pros did a far better job than I could have and it allowed me more time to focus on festivities and caring for the dogs. If there is one lesson we are learning as we get older it’s that it makes sense to delegate some things out…we can’t do everything ourselves all of the time.

Misfit Manor
Our yule logs
Misfit Manor

Bret and I have built our own traditions over the years and our favorite is Winter Solstice. We make yule/intention logs. We write our wishes, goals, intentions for the coming year on the logs and then wrap them in herbs, pine cones, holly and dried oranges. We make yummy snacks and have a big bonfire with our logs… sending our intentions for the year out to the universe. The dogs love this night…we roast them some beef over the fire and they get to play outside in the dark.

Is that beef done yet mom?
Santa came to Misfit Manor!

Definitely one of the highlights of the holiday was a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus to the Manor. Some friends of mine surprised the Misfits with a visit and home baked dog cookies.

Our Christmas morning was our usual tradition of making the dogs a big pancake breakfast…we give them their toys and then we watch A Christmas Story while we rest out stomachs. This year the weather is so nice we went to the park for most of the afternoon.

Our holidays are simple and private…Bret and I and spend our holidays at home with the Misfits. No gift pressue…no fancy meal pressure…our Christmas dinner tonite is burgers on the grill.

Misfit Manor
Pancake breakfast

I put a gallery of the Misfits Christmas photos below. For some reason this year they all were super cooperative for pictures (not Heloise). I think these are some of the prettiest shots I have ever taken of some of them.

We end this year glad to have some time to rest…it’s been so busy and we need this time to re-charge. We are both grateful for all the blessings we have…especially the Misfits. We are looking to forward to another year of pawsitively fun times….and just think…spring is only 85 days away…we will be back in our gardens in no time!!!

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season,

Nancy & The Misfits

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