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Misfit Manor Diary…keeping me grounded.

Misfit Manor

As I sit writing this update I have one dog on my lap, three dogs on beds on top my desk and a few curled up around me feet. I am literally surrounded!

Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day of taking care of them, running businesses, keeping the property up…that my days seemingly fly by in a pleasant blur…and then something happens that makes it all grind to a halt.

I am with my dogs pretty much 24×7. I work out of the house and since COVID started I really don’t care to leave the property unless I have to. So when something isn’t quite right with one of the dogs I notice right away.

Misfit Manor
Sophia on my desk with me…she must be with me at all times.

Allie was acting punky…for Allie that means quiet. She is a typical Yorkie…which means she barks a lot and loudly. If she isn’t barking something is wrong. Off to the vet she went…but I wasn’t expecting the news we got. Her blood work was terrible and indicated end stage renal failure.

I have been taking care of older dogs for so long that I know what renal failure means and that I probably don’t have much time left with them. My vet was not super optimistic but wanted to try flushing her kidney’s as best we could with fluid and putting her on a renal support diet. Within a few days she was back to her old self (barking loudly and often). Two weeks later we re-checked her blood work and while her kidney values are high they are more indicative of early stage renal disease. We have some time and for that I am grateful.

Misfit Manor
Foxy asleep on my desk while I write this.
Misfit Manor
Paulie…a perfect pet…follows me everywhere.

Taking care of so many older dogs has certainly taught me a lot…most importantly gratitude and staying in the moment.

Beginning and ending the day is a project with so many dogs. It takes time to get them all organized, fed, medicated, lasered, pottied, etc. Through that process/routine I start and end each day grateful that each one of them is here…grateful for each moment they are healthy and can enjoy Manor life.

I also simply just don’t have time to worry about too many things outside of the needs of our household…not simply because I am busy running around taking care of everything (which I enjoy) but because their ability to stay in the moment rubs off on me. When you live 24×7 with a house full of happy creatures who really don’t have any concerns…it can’t help but rub off. It’s just a happy place to be and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

Misfit Manor
Allie on the ride home from the vet after we got her improved blood work. She is so pretty.

Kentucky is having a pretty cold and wintery winter…much more so than the last few years. We are keeping busy with indoor gardening, house projects and working on our shop. We are looking forward to slightly warmer temps so we can get back to the park everyday.

Don’t forget to check out our Shop if you are planning a Pawty! We have added Pre-made Scrapbook Pages to our shop; we have new puppy pages, adoption pages, party pages and Memorial Pages. I put a slideshow of them below.

Wishing you a warm and healthy winter day!

Nancy & The Misfits

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