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Misfit Manor Diary – It’s a Trudy!

The best things in life are unplanned.  A few weeks ago I went to meet a rescue friend for lunch.  I picked him up at his shop.  He always has dogs at his shop who are in need of homes.  It is so much fun to see all the sweet pups he is saving.  This time though as we were chatting and catching up a tiny nose peeked out from under his desk.  I asked him who was under the desk.  Knowing what would happen he insisted that I didn’t want to know who was under the desk.  I insisted he bring the dog out to me.  He picked her up and put her in my arms…and it was over…she came home with me.  Say hello to Trudy Halverson!

Trudy is a deaf and blind dachshund (we believe about 4 years old).  She is what is called a “double merle” (the result of two merle dogs bred to each other).  Double merle dogs are almost always born blind and as in Trudy’s case are typically deaf as well.   Not only is she herself a double merle but it is clear from her physical state that she was being bred herself.   There really aren’t harsh enough words for my disdain for irresponsible breeding.  She is the second dog I have taken in this year that is severely handicapped because of creepy sub-human “greeders”.

Trudy holds no resentments though…she is as happy and loving as any dog can be.  I fell in love with her the moment I met her.  As I was driving home my mind started running through the reality of what I just did.  Uh oh…I’ve never trained a dog that was deaf and blind…can I do this?

As it turns out…Trudy is wicked smart.  We have to do some things differently…I use touch instead of my voice to train her to do new behaviors and that works just fine.   She is truly remarkable.  She learned her way around the house in a few days.  She learned to identify the different dogs in a few days.  She learned where she is supposed to go potty in just a few days.  She curls up in bed with me and the rest of the dogs each night….right in the middle of all us.  It is like she knows she is home now.  Honestly…we are very taken back at how adaptable she is…she is truly a little miracle.

Trudy will always require a different level of protection than most of my other dogs.  She gets very scared when a new human she doesn’t know the smell of gets near her.  She warms up eventually but she will not tolerate being ambushed by people she doesn’t know.   She will never be appropriate for kids or badly behaved adults…but I don’t allow either of those in my house so its all good.  She will need a vet who is incredibly patient as she gets scared in new surroundings as well.

Spring has definitely sprung in Kentucky.  The weather has been amazing for walking and wagon riding.  I can’t wait to give Trudy a Misfit Manor summer!  We have so much fun here when the weather is nice with pool pawties and homemade ice cream.  I don’t know how Trudy will do with wagon riding at the park…I am hoping she likes it.  I have given her short rides in the yard just to get her acclimated and that is going well so far.

Every time I think that life can’t get any sweeter here…it does.  Trudy is such a blessing and I am the luckiest dog mom alive!

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