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Misfit Manor Diary…Dog Pool Summer Fun!

dog pool at Misfit Manor

Summer time is definitely our favorite time of year and the dog pool is our favorite part of Kentucky summers. There is so much to do here and being outside with the Misfits is the top of our list every day!

dog pool  at Misfit Manor

Early in the season Bret put up a sturdier pool than we had last year and it’s been a great blessing this hot summer. The pool is small but it’s a nice respite for us after we have been out working in the gardens in the sun.

We found some great infant pool floaties that work great for the dogs. They love floating around with us in the afternoons. No matter how busy my day is I try to take at least 30 minutes in the afternoon to pour a big glass of tea, turn on some music and relax in the pool with my girls.

Dog Pool at Misfit Manor

A couple years ago we purchased a dog bone shaped pool for the dogs and had a deck built around it. Unfortunately it was really hard to keep clean without a pump and filter so we didn’t get to use it as often as we wanted. It was way to heavy to lift for emptying and cleaning!

This year we created a pump system that runs through a fire hydrant.

Dog Pool at Misfit Manor

It was actually really easy to set up (says the person who stood there and watched her husband do it).

I ordered a really small pool pump from Intex and used some extra pool tubing and clamps we had from a previous pool. Bret ran the tubing under the deck and up the fire hydrant. We had to drill the fire hydrant (and fasten it down to the deck). We also had to drill a hole in the actual dog pool to run the water intake…a little scary to drill the hole in the pool but we managed to get the size exactly right for the intake valve.

dog pool at Misfit Manor

So far it has been really easy to keep it clean without using chlorine. I have a small portable pool vacuum that I use to keep the bottom clean and I change the pool filter every week.

The dogs love it and it provides a summer long solution for them to cool off after walks and play.

So many memories have been made in the yard this year with the Misfits. We are so blessed to live this life with such special pets. Don’t forget to check out our Misfit Manor Shop if you are planning a summer pawty!

Pawty On!

Nancy & The Misfits

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