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Managed chaos…

I took a bunch of the Misfits in for various vet issues…nothing serious…shots, annual check ups, blood work, etc. I always feel like such a traitor on these days. They think when I am loading them all in the car that we are going to the park. But inevitably I turn the wrong way and they know they are going to the vet instead of the park…and then they all start whining and howling together to show their disgust.

Juggling them all at vet appointments isn’t easy…my husband follows me up there in his car and helps me get them in and out of the clinic. He is a saint, literally. I take so many at one time for appointments because as anyone who has pets knows…vet appointments suck up a lot of time. Waiting in the lobby, waiting in the room, waiting for test results, waiting to pay…it really does consume the better part of a day so I keep the misfits on similar schedules for the regular appointments and get it all over with at once. Then I choke on the bill on the drive home, lol.

Everyone had good check ups at the vet this time. I was particularly happy with Lucy’s weight. She is in a stage of life where she is getting quite chunky…and she is not a dog who likes to exercise…infact she is the laziest dog I have ever had. So getting her trimmed down has not been easy..but she was down 1/2 a pound…which is great progress for such a small dog. She has a waist line again. I feed Lucy Dr. Harvey’s food with fresh protein. She loves it and it does seem to fill her up even with very small portions.

The other highlight of our trip was Miss Sophias knees. She had surgery on her left knee (luxating patella) last January. The surgery has held up and the knee is functioning as it should… we are so pleased with that news. The better news was that the vet no longer recommends operating on her right knee. It does luxate but no where near as bad as the left one did (grade 4) and she is not at all showing lameness on it. I am so thrilled. The thought of her undergoing yet another surgery is not a pleasant thought.

We have been so incredibly busy here. Between putting our gardens to bed for the season…more on that later and getting ready for a holiday selling season in my shops I feel like I am running non-stop.

I opened a new shop, just in time for the holidays, Court Street Journals, on Etsy. My new shop is bookish themed. I am making handmade journals and bookish gifts (ornaments, bookmarks, ets). This is something I have wanted to do for a long time as most of what I make is upcycled from old books….resucing things is a passion of mine and this has been a really fun creative outlet for me. Check out my new shop for your holiday shopping! Here is a video of my book page Christmas Tree Ornament!

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We also have a buy me a coffee page where you can buy the Misfits a dog treat as well as an Amazon Wish List.

Take care and enjoy the run up to the holiday season!

Nancy & The Misfits

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