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Happy Gotcha Day Myrtle!

Happy Gotcha Day to sweet Myrtle. It is hard to believe that this sweet girl has been here for a year already!

Yesterday we had a pawty for sweet Myrtle. She arrived here a year ago from our local shelter but it seems like just yesterday. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook memory posts but they do help remind me just how time flies.

When Myrtle was brought in to our shelter whe was not in the greatest shape. Very matted (especially her face) and very skinny. She bounced back really quickly though and other than a bum eye that gets very agitated she is a pretty healthy dog.

Myrtle is a senior gal and she is deaf and blind. But she is also typical for what we see with blind and deaf dogs in that she is very adaptable. Myrtle memorized the house very quickly and has very little trouble getting around. She knows how to communicate what she needs. She loves to snuggle. She also just fits right in with all of the other Misfits. She is a blessing to have in the house and so easy to care for.

Our friend Sharon came over with a huge homemade cake for her pawty. She loves to eat and dove right in to her cake! The rest of the Misfits had a great time eating their share of her cake. We love to pawty around here and summer time is the best for having a great pawty. I put a gallery of images of her pawty below.

If you are planning your own Gotcha Day Pawty don’t forget to visit our Misfit Manor Shop! We have hats, favors and more!

If you would like to gift Myrtle a cookie you can follow this link to our Buymeacookie page.

Thanks for visiting our site and have a great day!

Pawty on!

Nancy & The Misfits

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