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Everything is bigger and better in the south…

Bugasaurus at my door!

We recently moved to Kentucky (from MN).   So far we love it here….but this little fella at my door was a bit unnerving.

IMG-20140714-00656I called the bug-man – he said despite his size and the creepy appearance of those extraordinarily large pincers that this was a harmless bug….ick.!

4 thoughts on “Everything is bigger and better in the south…

  1. At the door might be tolerable-in my kitchen or bed……YUCKIE!

  2. Oh momwithoutpaws lived in kentucky when she was a kid. The snakes are huge! The bugs are everywhere in the summer Yuk..

  3. ICK I prefer giant snowflakes any day

    1. Believe it or not, I would rather have the bugs than the snowflakes – MN wore me down on cold weather :)))

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