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Free Craft Tutorials for pets and pet lovers

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MAIN6Pet Themed Coasters

These coasters are quick and easy gift idea for the pet lover.  Click here for my free tutorial.



finished wreathPet Themed Christmas wreath

When we “deck the walls” at our house pretty much everything is pet themed.  Click here for my post on how I made this wreath!



Pet Yard Safety Sign

We have two deaf dogs in our family.  Keeping our yard gates securely closed is important to keeping them safe.  I made these signs to remind visitors to always close the gate…Click here for my post on how I made this sign!

20141202_162807Paw Print Burlap Ornament

These pet ornaments turned out so cute…they were quick and inexpensive make.   Click here for my post on how I made them!

20141202_064731Holiday Candles with Vintage Pet Photos

I made these candles to use as hostess gifts and gifts for dog loving friends for the holidays.  They were inexpensive and easy to make.  Click here for my post on how I made these candles.



Paw Print Tree Skirt

Every year we put a pet themed Christmas tree.  I hide treats in the tree throughout the season and the dogs just love it.  This year I made a new paw print tree skirt…Click here for my post on how I made this skirt!

main pic

Halloween Pet Vases

Black cats are a perfect part of Halloween!  I made this vases with vintage cat picture and mason jars.  All three jars were made for less than $10.  Click here for my post on how I made these banners.

Love BannerWoof BannerPet Themed Banners

Click here for my post on how I made these banners


For the Coca Cola Fan

For the Coca Cola Fan

Upcycle Pet Bed from an old Coca Cola crate…

I love repurposing old items in to pet beds…this cola crate was a fairly simple project.

click here for my post with tips on how I did this.

 Foot Stool Dog BedFoot Stool becomes upcycled princess pet bed!

I made this bed from an old foot stool I picked up at a junk market.  When I purchased it, it was just the base and legs.  My husband did a safety clean up (pulled out nails and tacks) and made me a little head board.  I painted it up, made a custom cushion and pillows and added some embellishment.

I make cushions out of Hi Density Foam; it is washable, flame resistant and super coooooshy!  I covered the cushion with a super soft and yummy faux fur.  When I painted this bed I used Glossy Black paint.  The pink paint I could only find in matte so I finished it off with some gloss varnish. This is perfect for a small dog or cat that needs her own little princess bed.


Bee Box gone to the dogs

Bee Box gone to the dogs

Upcycled Bee Box in to a pet bed!

I made this pet bed from an old antique bee box I found at a flea market.  My only regret is that I only bought one of the boxes because it turned out so darn cute.  The box was a simple clean up and safety check (my husband reinforced the construction of the box, removed any nails or splits in the wood and attached my pedestals for me).  I hand painted my pedestals and the bees on the front of the box.  I made the cushion from HiDensity foam and made a cover out of black denim and bee patterned calico.  I made the pillows by just creating my own pillow patterns to fit the bed and them from denim and bee calico.  I just love this bed.


imprint main

Christmas Garland Dog Leash

I just love this Christmas Leash.  I sell them at my ETSY shop.  If you like to crochet here is a free tutorial:Garland Leash Tutorial

Rescue Cat OrnamentRescue Themed Vintage Heart Ornaments

Click here for the tutorial:  vintage photo hearts




bookmark imprintPet Themed Bookmarks

Super easy craft for the pet lover!

Click here for the tutorial – Bookmark Tutorial


heart clipsPaw Prints & Hearts

Click here for Free Tutorial: Paw Print Hearts Magnets


DIY Dog Gates

DIY Dog Gates

These DIY Dog gates are super simple, practical and were a ton of fun to make.   Here is a free tutorial; DIY Dog Gates.


chair shelfChair Shelf

I found this broken chair at a junk market for a few bucks.  It was pretty void of color so I went over it a few times with highly watered down red craft paint. I wanted the look of faded paint, not fresh paint.  The way to achieve that is to use highly watered down craft paint and in some areas dry it off really fast with a paper towel and in other areas let it dry.  My husband hung it on the wall for me and topped it off with a lovely cat statue.  Hands down my favorite shelf in the house!


paws on the wallPaws On The Wall

I had a blast doing this project, especially since the dogs were involved in the artwork!

Clear here for a free tutorial:Paws on the Wall


MAson Jar Hostess gifts 015Hostess Gift for the Pet Lover

These cost me less than $10 to make and took about 90 minutes.  They are going to be Hostess gifts for dog loving friends over the holidays.

Click here for a free tutorial; Hostess Gift for Pet Lover


Our Cat Room

Our cat roomapril 2 2013 047cat roomCat door

This is our cat room at home.  I am not posting a tutorial because I hired a carpenter to do this but the picture can provide some good ideas.  The other side of the room (this is an upstairs bedroom) is a large bay window (the size of the room).  We had a bench built to wrap under the bay window and lined it with cat beds.  Because we have a cat and dog household; we wanted a room where the cats (especially our feral) can go and have quiet time without our Lhasa pestering them.  The door of the room is a six panel door; we knocked out the panels and replaced them with screen and cut a mouse hole at the bottom of the door large enough for the cats to come and go as they please.  It’s also the room where I go to read and pray – the cats don’t seem to mind my presence.


dog wantedDog Wanted Poster

Click here:  Dog Wanted Poster Tutorial

I had a lot of fun with this – it is a great way to showcase some pictures of our very naughty Lhasa – Lacey Mae!


Leashes 102513 013 Crochet Dog Leash

Click here: Crocheted Leash Tutorial

Don’t know how to crochet but like these leashes?  Check out my ETSY store-  I have them available in a variety of colors!


Mod Podge & Cavallini Papers

dec 3 2013 022cavellini paper 007cavellini paper 005

I love Cavallini gift paper almost as much as I love Mod Podge!  I made this TV tray and two lamps from the pet themed Cavallini Papers (I order it from The Paper Company) – they run about $5.00/sheet. Here is the link to The Paper Source: I have also found them on Amazon.  Cavallini paper is quite thick so it takes a bit more time and patience to Mod Podge.  I use both the Mod Podge roller and wedge to keep the bubbles out and get a good stick.    I always work with Matte Mod Podge for household projects.  I cut the Cavallini paper up in its separate images (this took some time) and Mod Podged them one piece at a time (I also mixed in some images from a few Golden Books as well).  I Mod Podge slowly in layers, the first layer when I attached the papers, was a mulit-sitting project.  Each of these projects had three layers of Mod Podge, with a day in between to dry.  When I decorate lamps with Mod Podge I paint the inside of the lampshade first with black craft paint.  I do not like to see the edges of the papers showing through, if you paint the inside, you won’t see the edges.  For the lamps I put a final coat of Mod Podge sealer (a very light coat).  The edge of the lamp shades I spruced up with upholstery trim (I glued it on with Beacon’s 3 in 1).    The table I wanted to be water proof.  I have found the only way to really water proof a Mod Podge project (like a table or coasters) is boat sealer.  I get it at Ace Hardware and apply several very light coats – it is important to let each coat dry for a day or you end up with a tacky project.  The sealers should be sprayed outside.   I did all of these projects with items I had around the house already that needed a makeover, the paper was the only expense.   Enjoy, I love these pieces in my house!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mod Podge coasters for the dog lover

Pokey Little Puppycoasters2 012coasters2 011coasters2 014coasters2 013

These are coasters I made with some images from my favorite Golden Book as a child; The Pokey Little Puppy.  I used slate coasters that I found on sale at Michaels.  I ripped each image out of the book and stained the paper with Distress Ink.  I Mod Podged the images on to the coasters. (Distress Ink reacts with water so it gave the whole coaster a blue tinge when I Mod Podged the first layer).  For a coaster I use several layers of Outdoor Mod Podge (very thin layers with a day to dry in between layers).  I finish it off with boat sealer, which I get at Ace Hardware.  This is the only product I have found (short of using epoxy) to make something waterproof.  Below is another example of coasters I made with some stamped images that I had colored with pencils and gamsol.  The background was a scrapbooking paper that I aged with Distressed Ink.  Both of these make good gift ideas for a dog lover.

coasters2 001coasters2 009coasters2 007coasters2 006coasters2 008


  1. These are great tutorials!
    DIY Dog Gates, Paws on the Wall and Dog Wanted Poster are my favorites. I don’t need a dog gate here but when I saw this I thought MUST have this 😀
    These three particular items are very very retro ❤


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