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Category: Rescue Mama Art

Pet Rescue Art: Some Angels Have Fur

Pet Rescue Art:  Do we see our pets again after death? What I am working on in my studio usually speaks to what is going on in my head and heart…lately […]

Pet Rescue Art…for the love of Vera

Pet Rescue Art…the stories that steal our hearts… Allow me to introduce you to Vera.  Vera is a pittie girl who was rescued by a group called Muttley Crue Rescue […]

Pet Rescue Art: a hero in pictures

Who is your hero? Do you know a lot of heroic people?  I believe I know a lot of them…I think they are all around us.  Everyone has their struggles…some […]

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Pet Rescue Art: Hippie Kitty is back…

Pawffiti…important messages from the pets we love. This is my latest Pawffiti…it marks the return of Hippie Kitty…I have painted her in the past with a different setting and with […]

Cat rescue art, Pawffiti, cat painting, cat art, cat mom gift

Pet Rescue Art: Peace, love, rescue…

Pet Rescue Art:  Peace, love, rescue… This Pet Rescue painting is inspired by my cat Taco.  If ever you could label a cat a “hippie cat” it would be Taco…she […]