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Category: Pet Rescue

“The Rescuer”

“The Rescuer” wrote an article about my husband and me.  Its written by a rescue here in Central Kentucky called Paws 4 the Cause.  They are a humble group who […]

Confessions of an imperfect dog mom…

Living in the land of dichotomies…my weapons of war… I think I need to make an early new years resolution…to blog more regularly.  I blog for two reasons…I want to […]

Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue…how the animals fare in our communities is one (of many) benchmarks by which we can judge the spiritual health of our communities.

Pet Rescue Art: Some Angels Have Fur

Pet Rescue Art:  Do we see our pets again after death? What I am working on in my studio usually speaks to what is going on in my head and heart…lately […]

Pet Rescue Art…for the love of Vera

Pet Rescue Art…the stories that steal our hearts… Allow me to introduce you to Vera.  Vera is a pittie girl who was rescued by a group called Muttley Crue Rescue […]

Pet Rescue Art: a hero in pictures

Who is your hero? Do you know a lot of heroic people?  I believe I know a lot of them…I think they are all around us.  Everyone has their struggles…some […]

Introducing Turnip Halverson!

Bret and I have never been so proud to fail at something! On January 3, 2015 Bret and I became official “foster failures”.  We are so proud to introduce Turnip […]