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DIY coasters made with images from a Golden Book – super cute for the pet lover!

Coasters made with images from a Golden Book!

It’s snowing and lovely here in Minnesota so these snowy pictures from my favorite children’s book seemed like a great project idea.

Pokey Little Puppy coasters2 011 coasters2 012 coasters2 013 coasters2 014These are coasters I made with some images from my favorite Golden Book as a child; The Pokey Little Puppy.   I love the images in Golden Books (and many other old time children’s books) and have used them for Mod Podge projects on lamps, tables, handbags and more.

For this project I used slate coasters that I found on sale at Michaels.  You could just as easily use some matching tiles but these were inexpensive and very cute.  I ripped each image out of the book and stained the paper with Distress Ink to give it a bit of a light blue hue. I added the Distress Ink to tie the coloring of the four images together.  I Mod Podged the images on to the coasters. (Distress Ink reacts with water so it gave the whole coaster a slight blue hue when I Mod Podged the first layer).  When I make a coaster with Mod Podge I use several layers of Outdoor Mod Podge (very thin layers with a day to dry in between layers).  I finish it off with boat sealer, which I get at Ace Hardware.  This is the only product I have found (short of using epoxy) that will make a project reasonably waterproof.

These coasters came with some small tabs of felt on the underside. I ripped them off and covered the whole bottom side of the coasters with cork board.  I sure don’t want to give a gift that will scratch someone’s table.

Below is another set of coasters that I made exactly the same way. I used stamped images that I colored with pencils and gamsol.  I used Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to age the paper.

coasters2 001coasters2 009 coasters2 008 coasters2 007 coasters2 006

This was a quick but fun project that would make a great gift for a dog loving friend!  Enjoy!

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Paws on the Wall – easy pet craft!

Paws on the Wall  Paws on the Wall

This was a really fun project, especially since the dogs contributed the paw art.

Here is a free tutorial for this project: Paws on the Wall

Paw Print Arttable setting 014May 13 2013 097

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Hand made Christmas leash for the dog with jingle!

How to make your own Christmas leash!

I love my dogs and I love to crochet!  I made this super cute Christmas Leash for Lacey.   For my fellow happy hookers I have included instructions on how I made this leash – for those of you that don’t crochet I do have a few of these leashes left at my ETSY store (

 Xmas leash 002For leashes for small dogs I use a 2 inch swivel snap hook (I usually order them from Hobby Lobby online but you can buy them from any hardware store).christmas leash tutorial 004  For this particular leash I used a G crochet hook.  Leashes made of yarn stretch longer than their original size; the smaller the hook you use the less stretch and vice versa with a larger hook.  I used Red Heart Super Soft Shimmer yarn for this leash tutorial 001  My standard size for a (finished) leash is 42 inches.  This is simply what I have found to be comfortable length for walking – you can make it as short or long as you like.

To start the leash I chain 5 stiches.  Turn, do a single crochet row (4 single crochets).  I will repeat this until I have about 5 inches of leash completed.  Thread the end of your leash through the loop of the snap hook and weave it shut with the crochet needle. leash tutorial 001 When I start the leash out I leave a long tail so that I can go back and reinforce the now weaved loop around the snap hook even more securely.   Continue your rows of 4 single crochet’s until you have a 47 Inch piece.  Fold the finished end over such that you have a 5 inch loop at one end of the leash for your handle.  Weave the loop shut with the crochet needle.  Again, I leave pretty long tails of yarn when I tie off so that I can go back with a tapestry needle and weave all my closures really securely with that extra yarn.

For the ruffle; Starting on one side of the leash (you can start at the hook or the handle), begin crocheting with the white yarn.  Single crochet in your first side loop – chain six, single crochet in your next loop.  Repeat all the way down the leash to accomplish the ruffle.  You can chain as many stitches as you want for the ruffle.  My six stitch chains make the finished leash about 2 inches wide.Xmas leash 004.  I added flowers and pom poms to both the top and bottom loops I made on the leash (at the handle and at the snap hook).    The flowers I made are super simple:

1) Chain six and slip stitch into a loop.

2) 15 single crochets in your loop and slip stitch closed.

3) Single crochet in the next row, chain 3, skip the next two single crochets,  repeat four times, slip stitch the row closed.

You will have five loops created when you finish step three.

4) In your first chain loop; 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochets, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet.  Repeat four times (in each loop). This will leave you with five petals.

5) Single crochet in the first loop of the petal, chain six.  Repeat four more times.

6) In the first chain loop, 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 5 double crochets, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet.  Repeat four times.  Slip stitch the row shut.   You will have five petals when you are done.

I attach the flowers and the pom poms to the leash with clear acrylic thread.  I also attached some jingle bells under the flower at the snap hook.  I attach things like jingle bells with 10 lb fish line because I want them to be as secure as possible.

Have fun!

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DIY-beautiful pieces made with Cavallini pet papers

Mod Podge and Cavallini Paper

dec 3 2013 022cavellini paper 007cavellini paper 005I love Cavallini gift paper almost as much as I love Mod Podge!  I made this TV tray and two lamps from the pet themed Cavallini Papers (I usually order it from The Paper Company) – they run about $5.00/sheet. Here is the link to The Paper Source: I have also found the papers on Amazon.  Cavallini paper is quite thick so it takes a bit more time and patience to Mod Podge.  I use both the Mod Podge roller and wedge to keep the bubbles out and get a good stick.    I always work with Matte Mod Podge for household projects.  I cut the Cavallini paper up into its separate images (takes some time) and placed one small piece at a time on the lamp shade.  (I also mixed in some images from a few Golden Books as well).  I Mod Podged slowly in layers.  The first layer, when I attached the papers, was a mulit-sitting project.  Each of these projects had three layers of Mod Podge, with a day in between to dry.  When I do lamps with Mod Podge I paint the inside of the lampshade first with black craft paint.  I do not like to see the edges of the papers showing through when the lamp is on.  If you paint the inside you won’t see the edges.  For the lamps I put a final coat of Mod Podge sealer (a very light coat) to finish it off.  The edge of the lamp shades I spruced up with upholstery trim (I glued it on with Beacon’s 3 in 1).    The table I wanted to be water proof.  I have found the only way to really water proof a Mod Podge project (like a table or coasters) is boat sealer.  I get it at Ace Hardware and apply several very light coats – it is important to let each coat dry for a day or you end up with a tacky project.  The sealers should be sprayed outside.   I did all of these projects with items I had around the house already that needed a makeover, the paper and glue was the only expense.   Enjoy, I love these pieces in my house!

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Quick and easy handmade gift for the pet lover…

MAson Jar Hostess gifts 015  I made these three treat jars (filled with dog cookies) last night.  The whole project cost me less than $10 (not including the treats I put in the jars) and took about 90 minutes.    I am planning to use them as hostess gifts for dog loving friends over the holiday season.

I have attached a quick tutorial to show the products I used to make them.Hostess Gift for Pet Lover. Enjoy!

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Craft Tutorial – Hand Crocheted Dog Leash

art gallery 047   This is Kringles modeling one of our hand crocheted dog leashes.   Click here for a free tutorial on how to make your own!  Leash tutorial

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Handmade Gift Bags

Handmade Gift Bags & Card

web site stuff April 2013 032

I make this cute and inexpenisve gift bags from plain brown bags and cards and left over fabrics.  I have included a full tutorial (pdf format) free to make these – Cute gift bags

Here are some pictures of other bags I have recently made;

May 13 2013 054 May 13 2013 053 May 13 2013 052 May 13 2013 051 May 13 2013 050 May 13 2013 048 web site stuff April 2013 035

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Dog “Wanted Poster”

april 2 2013 001  Dog “Wanted Poster”

I made this Wanted Poster to showcase some really cute photos of my very naughty Lhasa; Lacey Mae.

I have attached a tutorial with the instructions and materials I used to make it – click here-Dog Wanted Poster