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Category: Handmade Cards & Gift Wrap

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Pet sympathy cards

Handmade Pet Sympathy Cards   Just finished these cards for Anima line of products…what do you think?  I am always happy to answer questions on how I make my cards.  […]

Pet Sympathy Card

Handmade card for loss of pet. I am pleased with how this one turned out, what do you think?.  Death does not break the bond of love with our pets and I […]

biker gift tags, biker gift, biker gift wrap

Gift tags for the motorcycle lover…

Handmade gift tags for your favorite biker! I like to make packages pretty and personalized, don’t you?  These tags would work on gift, a gift bag or bottle of wine.  […]

Pet Sympathy Card

Handmade card for the loss of a beloved dog.   I just added this new card to my Anima line of products for those mourning the loss of a beloved […]

The Impossible is often the untried!

Handmade Cards of Encouragement Sometimes all someone needs to keep facing a difficult challenge is a little encouragement…these cards are perfect for that!  What do you think?  

Paw Print gift tags, dog themed gift tags

Gift tags for the pet lover

Hand made gift tags for the pet lover! I love making packages pretty and personal, don’t you? What do you think of these gift tags? I made a set for […]

snarky card, wtf, frienship card, dog themed card

Sparky says………

Snarky Card Ok, this one might be a little too snarky for some.  This is another new card in my “Sparky says” line.  Sometimes there are occasions when all we […]

apology card

Sparky says…Peace?

Handmade Card…Sparky says Peace! Another new design in my “Sparky says” line…what do you think? This is the perfect card when you need to call a truce with someone you […]

Sparky says…my foot is in my mouth!

Foot in mouth card… Here is another card from my Sparky says line… We all have moments where something has slipped out of our mouths that we wished we would […]

snarky card, dog themed card, dogs on bikes

Sparky says…a new line of cards

Snarky Cards This month I am launching a new line of cards.   I am really excited about these because the sketches for them have been in the works for a […]

dog sympathy card, card for dog sympathy, card for loss of dog, card for death of dog, dog condolences, The Rescue Mama

Handmade Pet Sympathy Card

Handmade card for loss of dog This is one of my original designs for a sympathy card.  This card starts with a base card stock of recycled paper.  I stain […]