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Category: Family Posts

Pictures, news and updates from the Halverson Pack!

Welcome to Misfit Manor!

We have officially named our home in Kentucky! Our home in Kentucky is the first home that Bret and I chose and purchased together.  It is the first place that […]

Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue…how the animals fare in our communities is one (of many) benchmarks by which we can judge the spiritual health of our communities.

The Chronicles of Buster (part 1)

My life as a reactive dog…from chaos to a full life! Last fall my husband and I met a sweet and charming dog named Buster.  NOT!  Last fall my husband […]

Rest in Peace Sparky

Rest In Peace Sparky Early Saturday morning my Sparky crossed over to the other side of life. Sparky came to live with me in 2001…the vet thought he was about […]

All you need is love….

Happy Valentines Day from the Halverson Pack! This winter seems to be flying by….already Valentines Day!  We have been so busy between the dogs and cats…our perpetual house project and […]

Pet Rescue Art: a hero in pictures

Who is your hero? Do you know a lot of heroic people?  I believe I know a lot of them…I think they are all around us.  Everyone has their struggles…some […]