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BEST DEALS Post – Dog Toothpaste

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Great Price on Dog Toothpaste!

With a house full of rescued pets my efforts at good dental for all of them can get really expensive really quick!  Since February is Pet Dental Month I wanted to share one of my BEST DEALS on dental products.

I have been using CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for my pets since 2003.  I have used both the poultry and beef flavors with success.  I was introduced to this toothpaste by my veterinarian but it was really expensive to buy it from the vet clinic.  I purchase my toothpaste (and my CET chews) from American Diabetes Wholesale at much better prices.   You can get a three pack from them for $17.61 (that is about 50% cheaper than retail).  I have been ordering from American Diabetes Wholesale for several years now.  I have never had a problem ordering from them and they typically ship the day I order.  If you order more than $100.00 worth of items the shipping is free.  I order chews and toothpaste from them all at one time so I can take advantage of the free shipping and be stocked up for long periods of time at the best possible prices.

I am not paid to endorse Virbac or American Diabetes Wholesale – just showing some solidarity with other pet owners like me who are constantly fighting the high cost of pet care!

Rescue On!


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