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A new design for the stylish dog!

Hand crocheted leash and scarf set for the stylish dog!

I am fortunate that I have two small breed dogs that enjoy the attention they get from others when I chic them up with a little doggy couture.  This leash and scarf set is a new item in my Rescue Chic line.  Rescue Chic is a line of accessories I design and sell as a pawsitvely stylish way to make a difference for shelter pets.

This particular leash and scarf are made from a very light weight, soft and sparkly yarn.  The leash is 36 inches long and 2 inches wide with a 2 inch swivel snap hook.  The hand loop of the leash is anchored with a crocheted flower with sparkly button in the middle of it.  I also sew two small jingle bells under the flower because why shouldn’t a stylish dog have a little jingle when he walks?!

What do you think, would your dog look stylish with this set?

My leash model, Kringles, was paid with a cookie.

If like to do your own crocheting here is a basic pattern for making leashes. Crocheted Leash Tutorial

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If you don’t crochet yourself and want one of these sets there are several styles available on my ETSY store.  Use the coupon code “NEWCUSTOMER” for 10% off.  I donate a portion of the sales of my Rescue Chic line to the ASPCA.

Rescue On!


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