Pet Rescue Art: Rescue Moms Should Rule The World

Pet Rescue Art…Pawffiti

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Pawffiti…Rescue Moms Should Rule the World

Hippie Pittie was at it again…what do you think?  She is 11×14 and available at my ETSY shop.

Rescue On!


Author: The Rescue Mama

I am a full time mom to 7 rescued cats and dogs. I run a website; to share all the experiences and inspiration that comes part and parcel to living with a house full of animals.

2 thoughts

  1. Your art? You are uber-talented and I love it! I just finished my first children’s book – illustrations and all – where my protagonist is a big-hearted pit modelled after my own boy. like you, I want to help and make a difference for our breed. Check it out at when you get a chance. I know money is scarce and I am not trying to get a sale here – I just want to share my joy as you did in a creation of love. thanks for your gorgeous artwork!


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