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Pet Craft: Pet Bed Upcycled from old foot stool

Pet Craft: Princess Pet Bed upcycled from an old foot stool!

I made this bed from an old foot stool I picked up at a junk market.  When I purchased it, it was just the base and legs.  My husband did a safety clean up (pulled out nails and tacks) and made me a little head board.  I painted it up, made a custom cushion and pillows and added some embellishment.

FRONT FAR  I make cushions out of Hi Density Foam; it is washable, flame resistant and super coooooshy!  I covered the cushion with a super soft and yummy faux fur.  When I painted this bed I used Glossy Black paint.  The pink paint I could only find in matte so I finished it off with some gloss varnish. This is perfect for a small dog or cat that needs her own little princess bed.

What do you think of this bed?

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