The Misfit Manor Story

Greetings and Welcome to Misfit Manor

Misfit Manor, The Rescue Mama, Nancy Halverson

My name is Nancy and I live at Misfit Manor. Misfit Manor is our home; a peaceful loving place for senior and handicap dogs. I am an artist and full time “rescue mom” to this beautiful family of dogs. We live in a small town in Kentucky in an old, very drafty but cherished historic home. Misfit Manor is a place of restoration and healing where dogs who have had a rough time so far in life come to be loved and restored for however much time they have left. I work out of my home to support our large family of Misfits by selling my art and handmade journals and also running a vacation rental adjacent to my home and art studio.

I have a passion for “rescuing” all things…not just animals. I rescue old furniture, overgrown gardens, old light fixtures and my really old home. I can find beauty in anything and believe that if we open our hearts and mind the difference between “what we see” and “what might be” is actually a very fine line.

Every pet that lives with us has unfortunately lived through some darker days and carry both the physical and emotional scars that come with it. Most of them arrive here with serious neglect and health issues. Some of their stories are heart wrenching. Some only live for a short while after they arrive. But all are loved fiercely while they are here.

Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson, The Rescue Mama

Our dogs get the best in nutrition and medical care while they are here.  I take a holistic approach to caring for my Misfits utilizing both the best in traditional veterinary treatments as well as more non-traditional treatments such as acupuncture, laser therapies, vibration therapy, organic home cooked food and natural/eastern medicines and supplements.  

Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson

I believe that each one of us is put on this planet to walk our own very unique path. It is a path that is meant to rub the rough edges off of us as we grow emotionally and spiritually.  For me that path is a fairly solitary life with my Misfits and my projects.  It is tough to convince me to leave the Manor unless it is to do something for one of my Misfits.  I am fortunate to have a nice group of understanding and dog loving friends who come to visit us.

Misfit Manor, Nancy Halverson, The Rescue Mama

I write blog updates about our life here at the Manor 1-2 times per week. Most of my content is about caring for dogs; things I have learned as we work hard to provide the best quality of life we can for them. I also write about my favorite products for dogs, how to host a great Pawty, my online Misfit Manor shop and my other rescue projects. Sometimes I write about whatever is making my heart tick at a given moment.

I welcome anyone to comment and share on this blog but I do ask that you keep all your comments in the spirit of kindness and generosity that a blog about rescued animals deserves.

If you find our site valuable please consider subscribing to my blog. We are often asked by people who find us how they can support what we do. Misfit Manor is not a 5013c rescue…we are just two people who love special needs dogs. But there are ways you can support our dogs. If you are interested here are a few ideas:

Me and my sweet Rosie. Rosie passed on June 8, 2021.
  • Patronize our Misfit Manor Shop!
  • Stay at our vacation rental if you are visiting horse country!
  • Follow our blog and interact with us!
  • Tell other dog lovers about us…especially if they are looking for some Pawty Supplies or artwork!
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  • Send a gift to one of our dogs from our Amazon Wish List!
  • Buy one of the Misfits a dog treat!
  • Always consider adoption before adding a pet to your family!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Blessings from our pack to yours,

Nancy & The Misfits


16 thoughts on “The Misfit Manor Story

  1. Such a pleasure to meet you and your furry ones!!!! Your family is pawesome for sure!!!! Looking forward to reading your posts…Have a wonderful day and thank you for following me and my Trev!!!!

    1. great article about Sam glad he’s improving keep the updates coming

  2. What a great big gorgeous pack!

    1. Precious pack all seem so happy and loved

      1. Beautiful & happy clan

  3. You’re a true blessing to all these animals. I myself rescue dogs who have been abandoned and mistreated. I have helped many to find homes or have kept them myself. I wish I could do more and on a larger scale. Im so thankful there are people like you. God bless you always! Kim

    1. Thank you for your comment Kim…it is so nice to hear from others with a heart for rescue…we all seem to share the same bug…we always want to do more. Blessings to you and your animals 🙂

  4. Being a proud “Dad” to 75lbs of attitude, love, and emotional baggage (aka our beloved Ray), I think that I’ll find your posts interesting reading. 🙂

    1. Beautiful pup!

  5. Hello, I want to post saying How I love what u and your husband are doing. I think its wonderful to have people that cares for animals.. I love animals, I have a yorkie and she makes me so happy and she loves people to pay attendence to her.. I don’t know what I do with out her.. The lord is really blessing u all for this. Me and my mom went to georgetown to peddler mall and seen your booth and that how I found you.. I think u have a great booth.. Love it.. I will be praying for the animals to find good homes. Keep up the good work.. thanks again Amy

  6. Hi Nancy
    I just would like to say I really admire what you two are doing.
    I live in Thailand and here it is an utter disgrace to see the way most animals are treated.
    I have not found a spayed dog or cat neither have I ever seen a Thai buy dog food
    The dogs all wander in the street and are called soi dogs( street dogs)
    They are not injected and according to the Thai Government 50% of the dogs and cats carry rabies
    Food is what they can find in the streets and rice ,fish heads,chicken bones etc
    Here is one animal shelter in Pattaya run by a British Expat lady at her own expense
    I have just adopted two cats and the people cannot understand why I want them spayed but I need to wait till the one has her babies weaned
    I found a vet with great luck and have had them injected and dewormed etc.
    If you accidently run over a dog in the street it is your fault
    It is not only the dogs and cats,fighting cocks are illegal here but every person in this village has them and Sundays are fighting days with bets on the poor chickens
    Good luck for the future

  7. Hello my name is Brandi and i need help i have two male cats that i have to get rid of both of which i rescued. One of them i had to bottle feed and nurse him back to health. I don’t want to take them to the shelter nor do i want to put them outside can u please help me i want them to go to a good home but it seems nobody wants cats these days. Their names are Johnny and jimmy

    1. Hi Brandi. I am not sure where you are located but I would start with doing a search on rescues in your area and asking them to take in the cats. There are also a lot of Facebook groups for local areas for helping to re-home pets. In my county people post in the Facebook yard sale sites and pet sites. Hope that helps.

      1. I am in Georgetown KY i don’t have a Facebook but i will keep trying to post around thank u

      2. Brandi did you call the Scott County Humane Society?

      3. Yes they told me they don’t accept drop offs they were my first call

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